D&D Boys Shoes is about children footwear for boys. The brand focuses on shoe sizes between baby to size 2. It is here to help fill the online boy’s footwear market by bringing smart and quality shoes for parents with boys. We have baby boys shoes, toddler boys shoes, casual boys shoes, stylish shoes for boys and some more shoes for boys of your choice.

Getting a smart boy shoe at an affordable price can be difficult compared to girls shoe shopping. A mum was inspired to start D and D Boys Shoes to help make it easier for parents to boys meet the needs of the growing and developing feet.

No matter the amount spent on a boy’s shoe, he will always be a boy, and sooner or later the shoe’s life must come to an end. This is why smartness, comfort and affordability are part of the shoes at D&D Boys’ Shoes.

We source our boys’ shoes from Europe and different part of the world to ensure we provide a diverse range of styles, design, quality and affordability for parents with boys. This can be difficult because the demand for boys shoes is limited compared to girls. However, we do try our best.

DandD Boys Shoes is a brand part of Eden Mobile Creche, a company registered in England and Wales and established in 2006.

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