Boys Shoes


Children’s feet grow two sizes per year in the first four years of life and one size per year after that until growth is complete. To get the perfect shoe size for your boy ensure you have his shoe size measured and checked regularly. For toddlers, once in 3 months and for much older children once is six months (that is if there is no growth sprout). When placing your order, it is advised to get a size up from the current shoe size he is wearing (If his feet has justed being measured, this will not be necessary).

Step by step to measuring :

  1. Measure towards the end of the day.  
  2. Measure with the socks on.
  3. Measure both feet.
  4. Measure while he is standing against the wall for the best result. Measure the length of his feet at the longest point (Must case the first or second toes)
  5. Measure the width, the sides of the feet, from both sides. This should also be measured from the widest point.

NOTE: A child’s foot may not grow for a considerable period and then increase several sizes in a relatively short period.

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