D&D Boy’s Shoes is a brand of Eden Mobile Creche Ltd, registered in the United Kingdom. Established in 2012 and trade marked in 2013, D&D Boy’s Shoes was out of a mum’s frustration of finding variety of boy’s shoe design for her sons. The aim is to add to the market of boys shoes as the choices of boy’s shoes compared to girls shoes are so limited. At a click of a button you have the choice of choosing from several shoe design for boys feet. D&D Boys Shoes brings quality, affordability, smartness and comfort to every boy’s feet. D&D Boy’s Shoes is a trademark brand with the aim to deliver quality shoes for rugged feet.

With D&D Boy’s shoes, it is not about the designer name. It is about the quality, design, durability and ruggedness of the shoe. The shoe business has taught us that a shoe does not last a child a lifetime but rather it serves them for a purpose and a period of time. Children will either outgrow the shoe or the wear and tear will bring the shoe to an end. Our aim during this period is to ensure that boys feet are comfortable in the most appropriate shoe for their feet.

D&D Boy’s Shoes offer a safe and secure payment process by using PayPal, with the option of paying with Debit, Amex, Visa, Eurocard, or Mastercard. We offer free standard delivery, and returns that fall within our terms and conditions. If you need further assistance, email us at: shoe@danddboysshoes.co.uk